Sales Brands bathroom hanging wardrobe cabinets set Quotes


Sales Brands bathroom hanging wardrobe cabinets set Quotes

Sales bedroom wardrobe cabinets

Parriott Group is a domestic famous household enterprise integrating product research and development, manufacturing, sales, design and system service. It occupies a leading position in the national industry in product design strength, process quality, sales network and other aspects. Leading the trend of home culture, advocating art into life as the main body, to Chinese classical culture and European fashion design elements as the leading, each series of products are a wonderful display of home space, high-end and not luxury, cutting-edge and elegant.

Parriott Group is a leading brand in China's overall cabinet industry, with an international home furnishing product manufacturing base and a highly competitive production scale. Integral ambry is bibago, drive relevant industry development, include integral chest, integral wei yu, contemporary wood door, wall act the role ofing wallpaper, kitchen electric equipment to wait, form pluralistic industry pattern, it is domestic integrated service supplier of contemporary integral household. Product manufacturing process automation, information, fine - grained three - pronged approach to ensure high - quality products. The raw materials are selected in line with the E1 standard environmental protection plate in Europe, integrating the traditional Chinese cultural concept and the elements of European and American cutting-edge fashion design, to provide high-end products for consumers and create a new situation for Chinese home furnishing enterprises to participate in international competition.

Brands hanging wardrobe cabinet

The current wooden cabinet is divided into pure solid wood, solid wood composite class, solid wood veneer class. The consistency requirement that pure solid wood ambry is planted to wood is higher, integral nature, the effect is good. Solid wood compound ambry is base material with material of solid wood joining together, the surface sticks solid wood skin, can achieve the visual effect of solid wood likewise.

Solid wood veneer cabinets are double veneer on the surface of the density board. The advantage of the latter two is to avoid the chromatic aberration and defect of surface raw materials, to achieve consistent texture color effect, not easy to deformation. And pure solid wood kind ambry intensity is big, use fixed number of year is long, because water of ability is even after two kinds, fight deformation, more beautiful. Solid wood door board with high-grade materials teak, cherry wood, walnut, oak, beech. In the middle are ash, oak, rowan, basswood, birch, pine and paulownia.

The price of ambry has a lot to do with its organization structure commonly. Because ambry is custom-made product is different from finished product, so opposite character price component is opposite also complex, and on market most businessman is sold with yanmi whole. The price of ambry still depends on the door plank material thickness that you choose, cabinet put oneself in another's position material thickness, backboard material thickness, mesa brand thickness, 5 golden gate hinge brands. Generally speaking the ambry of 2 ~ 3 meters includes hardware fittings of ground counter face to do all come down 6000 ~ 10 thousand much are possible.

bathroom cabinets set Quotes

The quality of the product that a lot of details of put oneself in another's position of solid wood ambry cabinet decide, for instance what cut around door plank is smooth, firm degree how, the installation means of cabinet put oneself in another's position, and handle feel to wait a moment. In the acceptance, also pay attention to the standard configuration and optional parts, it is best to ask the merchant for a price list in order to better understand the price of each part, to avoid the problem of temporary markup. Don't trade lightly if you don't know how the price is calculated. Be careful. Make cabinet cabinet put oneself in another's position with board of pure solid wood, very good, the mainest is environmental protection.

Actually solid wood ambry is a big project, by different solid wood ambry cabinet put oneself in another's position combination and become, this series of matters need professional personage to offer service and seek advice for him. A qualified cabinet designer can create a good kitchen culture for you while understanding your needs. The choice of cabinets is not only in the selection of products but also in the selection of services. Perfect service ability reflects the quality of ambry and style in your home.

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